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Childhood Candy MemoriesOne of my fondest childhood memories is the memory of eating candy while oakley sunglasses outlet out playing with my friends or relaxing under a tree with a the gentle breeze ruffling our hair. fake oakley sunglasses I wonder why candy tasted so much better then than now. And I wonder just what happened to the candy we all loved so much while growing up.


My clearest memory is not of candy, but rather a drink. Fizzies. I can remember dropping a tablet into a glass of water and watching it bubble and fizz, creating a wonderfully delicious drink. Back then ( somewhere in the 50's ) it came in grape, cherry, orange, punch, berry, lemon lime and rootbeer and was really, really good. They took it off the market for a while and recently brought it back. I haven't tried it but I have heard it's not as delicious as it was back then. Go figure.


Another good memory is hot cinnamon toothpicks ( that was sometime in the 60's ). You could buy them but most of the kids I knew made them by soaking toothpicks in cinnamon fake discount oakleys oil and then wrapped them in foil. Teachers hated them. I got in trouble one day because I had one, I got detention. But fake oakleys they were sooooo good. Another candy I remeber as being a favor is the small wax bottles that were filled with fake ray bans a flavored syrup. You bit the top off, sucked out the syrup ( it was so nice and sweet ) and then chewed the wax like gum. And who can forget hot dog bubble gum, it was cinnamon flavored. Or chocolate ice cubes little squares of bit size chocolate candy.


Sattelite wafers were also a favorite treat. The were shaped like a satellite. After replica cheap oakleys you let the wafer melt you would be left with buy oakleys outlet a hard peice of candy that had been tucked inside the wafer. The marathon bar had to be my all time favorite candy bar. It was a piece of braided caramel covered in milk chocolate. For those who liked hard candy there was always a Zotz ( great name, isn't it? ). They had a fizzy center. For those who were truly choc a holics there was Skybars. They were divided into 4 sections with 4 different centers caramel, cvanilla, peanut, and fudge all covered in milk cholate.


Whatever your favorite was when you were growing up I have found it difficult to find the candy to purchase for my grandchildren to show them what we used to eat. After I started looking I found there were other people also looking for this candy of our childhood. I have found some really good websites to order from in bulk, individually and as gift bags or baskets. Buy in bulk, individually or gift bags. Includes favorites such as: hot dog bubble gum, war heads, cloves gum, candy lipstick, squirrel nut chews and many more.


Wonderful selection of gift bags and boxes, along with bulk and individual ordering. Includes these favorites, among others: fizzies, hed hot dollars, jujyfruits,, Beeman's chewing gum, bubblegum cigarettes, and clove chewing gum.


Great candy grabbags and bulk and individual ordering. Offers a good selection of favorites: candy buttons, hot cinnamon toothpicks, wax bottles, fizzies, zotz, rock candy, swizzle sticks, baby bottle pop candy, bottle caps candy, C. Howard violet gum, and more.


Great website cheap oakleys for buying individual candies and bulk. They offer a good variety including: chocolate ice cubes, Bun Bars, fizzies, tootsie pop drops, Horlicks Malted Milk, satellite wafers, hot dog bubble gum, Wonka bottle caps, and more.


The name says it all. It is probably the best spot to shop for retro candy. They offer many of the old favorites: candy buttons, candy cigarettes, candy lipsticks, candy necklaces, chick o stick, hot dog gum, long boy, mary jane, mike ike, necco mini roll, pez refill, pumpkin seeds, rootbeer barrels, sweetarts, tootsie pops, and walnetto. The candy we loved growing up, very hard to find but there are a few merchants that still carry it.


Moritz chocolate ice cubes are a wonderful nostalgic candy. My memories are not just of good taste, but related to my father.


Rebecca E. 5 years ago from Canada


okay so you like candy I see! (a great way of showing some one how to do a prduct review correctly. I actually used to love candy, I rarely gained weight when I was growing up so I could eat to my heart's content. However, now I try not to go near it. I sort of live vicariously through buy fake oakley sunglasses hubs, so to speak.


Pamela99 5 years ago from United States Level 3 Commenter


I think I remember all of those so I guess that ages me. It brings back happy memories for me. Excellent hub and I loved seeing all the old candies that I remember so well.


Rochelle Frank 5 years ago from California Gold Country Level 4 Commenter


Yes, I do remember a lot of them, too, the fizzy tablets and the wax "soda" bottles, especially.


Tere were also the "junior mints"or necco wafers you could get for a dime at the movie theater.


I was buy fake ray bans reminded of the red wax lips a couple of weeks ago. We had those little mini red wax coated mini cheeses and they were using the wax to fashion their own red lips and noses.

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